Nudist vs. Naturist - Essentially synonomous, the terms Naturist Naturism were originally created as an alternative to Nudist Nudism in the attempt to dispell negative connotations associated with Nudism. Naturism tends to imply more environmental awareness, free beach values, and recreational nudity, while Nudism tends to be focused more around resorts and living nude full time.
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Your Girlfriend

Nudism is a wonderful and healthy freedom to enjoy. It is however not for everyone.

It is common that women have skepticism, especially with male partners, but it is overcome with time and understanding. Don't push, let your wife, girlfriend or a friend digest it as she wants and can.

Pamphlets and information are available from a multitude of locations on and off of the internet.

The nudist lifestyle fosters friendship, family, body acceptance & unencumbered relaxation. Enjoy!

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Ally's First-Time Nudist Experience
Ally First Nudist Experience I love being nude, especially outdoors. Years ago, and to this day, I did not get dressed immediately after my shower. If it was summer and fan was blowing it felt even better to ‘air dry’. I have always been comfortable being nude around the house, mostly upstairs in the bedroom areas. I would clean the house in my underwear. Many times, I experienced and loved skinny dipping.

So, when my brother–in–law ‘confessed’ to me that he and my sister–in–law were nudists. My first reaction was laughter; my second reaction was ‘I have got to try this!’ My brother–in–law showed me some web sites and introduced me to the philosophy of nudism.

I talked to my husband, who thought I was nuts, but he agreed to try it. Every day after that, I was on the internet reading message boards, and woman’s first time experiences. I wanted to go with all my being, but I was nervous at the same time. But, after reading so many first time experiences all saying the same thing, I began to relax about attending a nudist event.

My first experience was at a naturist club. I immediately felt comfortable. It’s like the old saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans.’ Everyone was nude and comfortable, so it was not hard to join in. We brought our snacks to share, our towel and some beer to drink. The people were friendly; the water felt good without a suit on and the night ended all too quickly.


Anna's Nudist Experience
Anna Nudist Experience Early in 1998, if you had asked me to describe myself, nudist would not have occurred to me. Eight months ago I still would have been hesitant to call myself a nudist-in-process. Now, here I am, "naked-in-front-of-the-computer" and writing about my new nudist lifestyle for all the world. For me, the change was dramatic, profound, and personally transforming.

Becoming a nudist involved a process of self-exploration and reflection. It began as a solo endeavour, expanded to include my husband, then a world of internet friends. Although my first "real" social nude experience occurred only last spring, I feel like nudism has been part of my life forever. I share my experiences and look forward to being nude in social situations. All this in less than a year?!

Yes and no. Yes, many of these changes have occurred in just a few months. But no, because I realized that in my heart I have been a nudist for at least 30 years. I have clear memories of being young, happy, and nude, skinny dipping or playing naked in the sand.


What Activities Do Nudists Enjoy?
Nudist enjoy a wide variety of activities that are fun for all. Most groups have (or have access to) a swimming pool and hot tub as well as other facilities for you to enjoy. Swimming and nude splashes let you splash around, play water games or float around with a kick board if you don't feel like exuding energy. It's a way to easily meet new people. Potlucks are a regular event with most groups and you'll find some of the best food you can imagine. Members bring along a pot luck dish, so there is always a nice variety of great food. Your favorite dish will be a welcome addition to the food table and see just how fast it can disappear. A real hit for many groups is the chili cook off event. It seems like nudist are just like you and me, we all like to eat.

You can join with other club members for conversation or a game of cards, or you can pick an area of by yourself if feel like being alone. Depending on the group and the weather, you can usually enjoy volleyball, sunbathing, saunas, steam rooms, camping, barbecues, card games, and more. Some groups offer nude dancing.

Nudist activities are a great place to make new friends or catch up on the news with old friends.

Nudist look like you and me, and the person who lives next door. We come in all sizes and shapes, all education levels and nudism is open to anyone who want to try it regardless of race, creed, color or religion. Like any group of people, most bodies are not poster perfect. So if your body is not perfect, you will not feel out of place at a nudist event.

You will find that nudist are friendly and concerned about your comfort and secure environment. Nudist members are interested in a a natural, healthy and relaxing way of life that is non-sexual and family oriented. As a family activity, children (anyone under 18 years-old) may attend most clubs although they must be accompanied by either a parent/legal guardian or with a non-related adult with a signed statement from a parent/legal guardian.

Yes, nudists look like you and I and come from all walks of life. You will find it to be a relaxing lifestyle that is free of the daily stress we all experience. Nudist groups are looking for people who are open minded and want to enjoy the company of others of a like mind. If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting new friends who look just like everyone else.

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